This application is used to configure AudioScience audio adapters and AVB/CobraNet devices.

ASIControl is installed automatically when you install any AudioScience driver. It runs under Windows 10, 7 and Server 2008-2012


  • Set routing and mixing of streams to physical inputs and outputs
  • Set up internal features of AudioScience's AVB/CobraNet products
  • Set up CobraNet routing between CobraNet devices on a network
  • Set input and output analog levels
  • Set tuner parameters (ASI8700/8900 series)
  • Record and play audio streams to and from files

    User Manual

ASIControl UDP

This is a standalone version of ASIControl that can be run without installing an AudioScience Driver.

ASIControl UDP can only be used to configure AudioScience Network products (AVB/CobraNet).

 Platform  Version  Date  Notes
ASIControlUDP Windows 4.21.05 2017-10-11 May need to install 32-bit Visual Studio 2013 runtime from Microsoft and WinPcap for proper operation.
ASIControlUDP macOS Sierra 4.19.35 2017-05-11 Use only to configure AudioScience's Hono AVB products from a Mac.