AudioScience 2018 Catalog
HPI Specification
WavX - AudioScience Windows Multimedia Extensions  
NOTE41 Livewire+AES67 compatibility with Iyo Dante
NOTE40 Iyo Dante in Symetrix Composer
NOTE39 WDM Driver install issues in older versions of Windows 10
NOTE38 Setting up ASI Dante units in BiAmp
NOTE37 Q-SYS Iyo Dante AES67 setup
NOTE36 Windows 10 April 2018 update (1803) may cause issues
NOTE35 AVB - VSC and ASI2620 Low Latency
NOTE34 Setting up ASI AVB units for use in a BiAmp AVB environment
NOTE33 Setting sample rates in Windows systems
NOTE32 Prevent Windows 10 updates for VSC
NOTE31 Windows Security update required with Window 7 and 4.18.09 or newer drivers
NOTE30 ASI57xx, ASI58xx, ASI67xx computer compatability
NOTE29 GPIO programming
NOTE28 Cables for ASI5700/ASI6700
NOTE27 Configuring Audition 2.0/3.0 for Windows 7
NOTE26 Hono AVB Mini firmware update instructions
NOTE25 Setting Windows 7 "Exclusive Mode" to allow multiple programs to access your devices at a time
NOTE24 Testing your cards AES/EBU connectors
NOTE23 ASI5111/5211 Rev F+ driver support
NOTE22 Motherboard compatibility issues
NOTE21 CobraNet Firmware Update for AudioScience CobraNet Products
NOTE20 PCI Express (PCIe) Errata - Intel Desktop Boards
NOTE19 PCI Express (PCIe) Errata - PCM Audio Breakup
NOTE18 ASI2416 Testing
NOTE17 Mono Playback and Recording
NOTE16 Antennas for ASI8000 Tuner Cards
NOTE15 ASI6585/Axia Node Quick Start Guide
NOTE14 CobraNet Routing using CobraNet Discovery
NOTE13 ASIHPI32.DLL Migration
NOTE12 Configuring Adobe Audition 2.0/3.0
NOTE11 ASI5111 revC driver support
NOTE10 ASI2416 revC errata
NOTE09 ASI6000 series analog line in/out phase shift errata
NOTE08 ASI6114 RevG and up errata
NOTE07 Configuring 8 adapters using the 4 position header
NOTE06 Setting Levels with the WDM driver
NOTE05 Using the ASI4346 Bitstream input
NOTE04 Connector Wiring
NOTE03 AudioScience Win95 WAV driver FAQ
NOTE02 Recommended buffering practices for AudioScience WAV drivers

Using the BWF Energy Levels in AudioScience MPEG Bitstreams
ASIO - AudioScience ASIO driver datasheet
LUA - AudioScience LUA scripting datasheet
SSX2 - AudioScience SSX Surround Sound eXtensions datasheet
WAVE Driver - AudioScience WAVE driver datasheet
WDM Driver - AudioScience WDM driver datasheet
Windows 7 - AudioScience driver datasheet
ASIControl manual
Hono CobraNet Custom (ASI2416)
Hono CobraNet 2.2D
Hono CobraNet 2.2M
Hono CobraNet 4.4D
Hono CobraNet 4.4M
Hono CobraNet 0.8L
Hono CobraNet 0.16L
Hono CobraNet 8.0L
Hono CobraNet 8.0M
Hono CobraNet 8.8D
Hono CobraNet 8.8L
Hono CobraNet 8.8M
Hono CobraNet 16.0L
Hono CobraNet 16.0M
Hono CobraNet 16.16D
Hono CobraNet 16.16L
Hono CobraNet 16.16M
ASI5780, ASI5788
ASI5810, ASI5811
ASI6585, ASI6685
ASI6714, ASI6718
ASI6720, ASI6722
ASI6740, ASI6744
ASI8821, ASI8921
See here for discontinued products.