NewCastle, Delaware - September 1, 1999.  AudioScience Inc., a manufacturer of digital audio products for the broadcast industry, has announced the ASI4332 digital audio adapter. The ASI4332 is distinguished from other adapters in it's class by its powerful on-board mixing capability and high speed PCI bus.

Three balanced stereo inputs and four playback streams can be digitally mixed to a balanced stereo output. A second balanced stereo output can contain a mix of the four playback streams. Additionaly, one stereo record stream can be sourced from any of the three inputs. This "mixing console on a board" functionality allows radio automation systems to handle such things as satellite feeds, phone patches and live anouncers all while simultaneously playing and recording five streams.

All analog outputs and inputs are electronically balanced and have software selectable levels of between -10 and +20dBu. 20bit Crystal Semiconductor over-sampling A/D and D/A converters are used to provide greater than 90dB of Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and less than 0.005% of Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise (THD+N) when recording or playing.

Using the Motorola DSP56301 24bit DSP, the ASI4332 supports a variety of audio formats for playback and record including MPEG-1 Layer II and 16bit PCM. Being PCI bus based, the ASI4332 offers an order of magnitude improvement in data transfer efficiency over older ISA bus adapters, freeing up more time for the PC's CPU to run the OEM's application.

Advanced features of the ASI4332 include 8Mbytes of on-board RAM for audio data buffering, providing glitch free audio. Automatic volume fades implemented in DSP firmware, free up CPU time, by removing the burden of having the automation software both track and fade the volume controls. By specifying a start gain, end gain and duration, the adapter can independently fade each of the volume controls on the adapter's mixer in real-time.

The Channel Mode control, an industry first, allows a mono input signal to be configured for a stereo feed, or swaps left and right channels of a stereo signal.

Another valuable feature is a built in non-volatile memory. This allows OEMs to assign each ASI4332 a unique serial number allowing the adapter to act as a hardware dongle or key, preventing piracy of the OEMs software, thus stopping operation of unauthorized adapters.

The ASI4332 is a 1/2 size PCI card. Up to four cards maybe installed in a system using a simple one-of-four jumper located on the top of each adapter. The utilization of the PCI bus means that the adapter is totally jumper free as regards memory and interrupts.

Driver software for Windows 95,98 and Windows NT is available from AudioScience's web site ( All the standard waveIn, waveOut and mixer APIs are supported.

The ASI4332 PCI based digital audio adapter is designed and manufactured in the USA by AudioScience Incorporated, 42C Reads Way, NewCastle, DE 19720, telephone +1-302-324-5333, FAX +1-302-738-9434. The companies web site is located on the Internet at