NEWCASTLE, DE (April 12, 2007)  –  AudioScience, a leader in professional broadcast equipment, and Axia Audio, a leader in professional networked audio, announced their partnership in January of this year. Just four months later, AudioScience will debut the results of that venture at NAB 2007; the ASI6585 Axia Livewire™ PCI adapter.

The ASI6585 merges Axia’s Livewire with advanced audio processing on one adapter. Using a powerful Texas Instruments onboard floating point DSP with Axia Livewire networked audio allows the ASI6585 to simultaneously play up to eight streams of audio which can be mixed to eight stereo outputs, and record up to eight audio streams fed from eight stereo inputs, over switched Ethernet. The feature set of the ASI6585 extends to MRX multi-rate mixing, MPEG Layer 2 and 3 encoding and decoding, and TSX time scaling. Two streams are available for SSX multichannel record and playback.

Axia Livewire™ is a protocol that carries uncompressed, 48kHz/24bit audio over Ethernet. It is standards-based, using R/UDP for streaming media and HTTP/HTML for its embedded web page server and control interface, allowing for low delay and high dependability. There is no need for multiple Ethernet networks in a facility Since Livewire audio can share the network with other data transmissions.

"The new Livewire adapter from AudioScience brings a new level of flexibility to IP-Audio routing systems," said Michael Dosch, president of Axia Audio, "It has all the sophisticated DSP features of an AudioScience soundcard combined with the ability to connect directly to a Livewire network to dramatically reduce system costs. It's the best of both worlds."

Richard Gross, president of AudioScience, is enthusiastic when talking about the new partnership and the ASI6585. "Our automation partners have been seeing increasing demand for integration with Axia installs. With the ASI6585, we offer a seamless method of connecting any automation system that uses AudioScience products to a Livewire network with all the benefits of hardware acceleration."

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For more information and pricing on the ASI6585, please contact Richard Gross at +1-302-324-5333.   

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