NEWCASTLE, DE (January 30, 2007)  –  AudioScience, Inc., a maker of professional audio peripherals for broadcast and entertainment, is very pleased to announce the addition of two PAL/SECAM-TV tuner versions of its award winning ASI8700 series of broadcast tuner PCI adapters. The two new tuner cards are the ASI8733 and the ASI8734.

The ASI8733 contains eight PAL/SECAM-TV tuners. The audio from each tuner is presented to the computer host as a mono or stereo record stream that may be accessed through a high-speed bus master PCI interface. The ASI8734 is similar to the ASI8733 except it contains four PAL/SECAM-TV audio tuners. PAL TV systems that are supported include PAL-BG, PAL-I and PAL-DK. SECAM support extends to SECAM-BG and SECAM-DK.

Richard Gross, President of AudioScience, Inc., states, “Our ASI8000 series hardware has been providing the audio monitoring industry with the most cost effective product on the market, but limited in most cases to the US market place. By now adding the ASI8700 series with PAL/SECAM technology and RoHS compliance, ASI will now offer the world this exceptional product.”

Audio Auditing ( of South Africa, known for their verification services and watermarking systems, is one of the first users of the new PAL/SECAM-TV tuner cards

"We are big fans of the AudioScience ASI8700 series of cards which allow us to achieve new levels of product integration.” said Ludwig Schwardt, Lead Developer for Audio Auditing. “The latest member of this family, the ASI873x, fulfills all our remaining needs in this department, and we can now provide fully integrated radio and TV systems to our clients. In the tough business environment of Africa, you need all the help you can get, and AudioScience certainly has been very helpful to us. Their excellent support, attention to customer needs and open-source approach are highly appreciated. AudioScience's willingness to develop PAL and SECAM tuner cards has allowed Audio Auditing to successfully expand its media monitoring operations throughout Africa and Eastern Europe."

Driver support includes Windows XP, Linux, and soon Windows Vista. Under Windows, both a low latency WDM driver and traditional WAVE driver are available. Linux support includes the standard ALSA interface as well as the AudioScience HPI interface.

Both cards are available immediately.  Please contact Richard Gross at +1-302-324-5333 for pricing and more information.   

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