NEW CASTLE, DE (JAN-17, 2006).  AudioScience Inc., a manufacturer of digital audio products for the broadcast industry, has announced the inclusion of an integrated ALSA and HPI driver for its range of professional sound cards in the official Linux ALSA distribution (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) is a sound card Application Programming Interface for Linux. It became officially part of the Linux kernel distribution in version 2.6 and is supported by all Linux vendors.

There is now no need to download extra source code packages or apply patches: the integrated ALSA and HPI driver allows standard Linux applications to play, record and mix PCM audio using AudioScience products and provides access to advanced functions such as time scaling (TSX) and on card MPEG audio processing through the built in AudioScience HPI interface.

The source code is available for download from the ALSA web site (from version 1.0.11rc2). Updates will be included in future releases of the ALSA driver as new adapters and features are supported.  The software is released under the terms of the GPL.

About AudioScience, Inc.
AudioScience, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets digital audio peripherals for computer-based digital audio applications. AudioScience is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware with offices in Costa Mesa -California, Rochester -New York, Christchurch - New Zealand and Singapore.  It is located at 42C Reads Way, Newcastle, Delaware 19720; phone +1-302-324-5333.

Richard Gross, President
AudioScience Inc.

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