Newcastle, Delaware - March-10, 2000

AudioScience Inc., a manufacturer of digital audio products for the broadcast industry, has announced a Linux driver and SDK for its range of broadcast audio adapters. This has been in response to requests from the broadcast community for automation systems that run under the Linux operating system.

All the current AudioScience broadcast audio adapters are supported, including the ASI4113, ASI4215, and ASI4336. The driver requires Linux kernel version 2.2 and is a loadable module.

"It became obvious that a Linux solution was necessary," said Dave Scott, president of Scott Studios. "Investigations with AudioScience, our primary audio card supplier, resulted in a stable and responsive Linux audio solution. With Linux, Scott Studios continues its leadership role in the radio station automation market."

The driver exposes the AudioScience Hardware Programming Interface (HPI) function set as its standard way of interacting with the audio adapters. The HPI presents an object-oriented view of the audio resources under the driver with such objects as Adapters, record and play Streams, Mixers and mixer Controls.

"We believe the Linux operating system offers several advantages for system integrators", said Andrew Elder, Director of Software Engineering for AudioScience. "It has excellent networking support and a range of top quality tools for developing system software. The fact that a significant portion of Internet web servers run Linux is a testament to its stability and predictable behavior under heavy load."

The Linux driver is being released in source form as an HPI Developers Kit (HPK). This is available under NDA from AudioScience's web site ( 

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