NEWCASTLE, DE (March 16, 2007)  –  AudioScience, Inc., a maker of professional audio peripherals for the broadcast and entertainment industries, is celebrating its 10th year of manufacturing. Richard Gross and Stephen Turner founded AudioScience in 1996 to provide high-level design and manufacturing solutions to the digital audio reseller market. Turner sums up AudioScience’s philosophy: "Our company was founded with the premise that the radio industry needs specialized and sometimes customized hardware to support the ever changing demands of modern broadcasting. After 10 years this continues to be our mission.”

That first year in business was spent in product design and in 1997, AudioScience shipped their first audio adapter designed for Scott Studios (now Google); the ASI4501. Also in 1997, AudioScience added Dr. Andrew Elder to the team to provide software expertise for the quickly growing company.

AudioScience continued to innovate as it grew. "AudioScience prides itself on a unique combination of hardware and software matched to radio station requirements.” Elder explains. “We pioneered the use of large hardware buffers for glitch free audio playback and multiple sample rates on a single card. We strive to implement features and functionality that give our customers the ideal broadcast solution." Innovation highlights include Linux drivers, custom adapter design, addition of time scaling and lightning protection, a CobraNet PCI audio adapter and modular CobraNet interface, and the world’s first PCI Express audio adapters. During AudioScience’s 10 years of manufacturing, they have shipped over 35,000 audio adapters worldwide.

In celebration of their decade-long run of successful designs, AudioScience will demonstrate their Windows Vista driver and showcase three new products at NAB2007; the ASI8733, the ASI6585, and the ASI2118.

The ASI8733 introduces eight PAL/SECAM-TV tuners to the international logging market.  A four-tuner version is also available, the ASI8734.  The supported PAL-TV systems are PAL-BG, PAL-I, and PAL-DK. SECAM support extends to SECAM-BG and SECAM-DK.  The ASI6585 is a result of AudioScience’s recent partnership with Axia; a PCI soundcard that supports the Axia LiveWire protocol.  Rounding out the new trio of products is the ASI2118, a 1RU unit with 8 NTCS-TV tuners with internal RF splitter.

Gross is enthusiastic as he contemplates the next ten years.  “This is a wonderful time to be in this business.  New technologies are developing at an amazing pace and it’s exciting to think of the products we’ll develop in the next several years.”

Please contact Richard Gross at +1-302-324-5333 for more information and pricing.   

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AudioScience, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets digital audio peripherals for computer-based digital audio applications. AudioScience is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware with offices in California, New York, New Zealand and Singapore.  It is located at 42 Reads Way, Newcastle, Delaware 19720; phone +1-302-324-5333, email salesasi<@> For more information, visit the company web site at