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Popular ASI5111 Gets Updated

NEWCASTLE, DE (September 13, 2010) – AudioScience, Inc., a leader of professional audio peripherals for the broadcast and installed sound industries, updated its popular ASI5111 card by creating a PCI Express (PCIe) version of it: the ASI5211. The ASI5211 is a professional grade DSP-based audio card that ensures glitch-free performance by removing time critical audio processing burdens from the PC.

The ASI5211 has two stereo record streams fed from either a balanced analog input or an AES/EBU digital input, four stereo play streams mixed to both a balanced analog output and an AES/EBU digital output, and a microphone input with low noise pre-amp and 48V phantom power supply.  The analog input/output level on the ASI5211 has been increased to +24dBu, which is required by many broadcast facilities to retain the highest quality audio signals.  In addition, the compander functionality for both the ASI5111 and ASI5211 has been enhanced with the addition of a noise gate. Finally, the new GPIO on the ASI5211 adds two opto-isolated inputs and two normally open relay outputs.

"A feature request was presented to us when a radio broadcast OEM heard we were in the development stages of the ASI5211. This OEM required GPIO for a project and asked if it could be added to the ASI5211," said Richard Gross, president of AudioScience. "The ASI5111 has been a very popular card for use in production rooms; we've sold thousands of them. And with the upgrade to a PCIe version, it made perfect sense to add the opto inputs and relay outputs, making the ASI5211 more versatile."

Drivers are provided for Windows 7, XP, Server 2003/2008, as well as for Linux. 64-bit drivers are available for Windows 7 and Linux. SDKs are available for Windows and Linux using either standard APIs such as DirectSound or ALSA, or the proprietary AudioScience HPI and ASX interfaces.

For pricing and further information, contact Richard Gross at +1-302-324-5333 or T.K. Pang in Asia at +65 98184303.

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