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The ASI8914 Opens New Doors

NEWCASTLE, DE (April 4, 2008) AudioScience, Inc., a maker of professional audio peripherals for the broadcast and entertainment industries, announces another new addition to their award-winning tuner line. Earlier this week AudioScience released the ASI8921 that makes available AM/FM+RDS on a smaller form factor.  Today they announce the ASI8914, a four channel HD Radio tuner adapter that nicely complements their existing line.

The ASI8914 is a universal, full-length PCI card that contains four HD Radio/AM/FM tuners and is designed for use in HD Radio broadcast monitoring and auditing. Each tuner may be set to an independent analog or HD Radio station. The audio from each tuner is presented to the computer host as a mono or stereo record stream that may be accessed through a 32bit PCI bus master interface.

An F connector feeds RF signal from an external antenna to all tuners on the ASI8914. Each tuner may also be fed from an external antenna input. An HD50 connector makes available the mono or stereo line level audio of each tuner output.

"HD Radio is getting increased visibility in the marketplace and the multi-program capabilities make it a compelling option for many consumers. The ASI8914 is a timely extension to AudioScience's successful line of multi-tuner audio adapters." says Richard Gross, President of AudioScience. "We are pleased to be able to announce a product that we have had numerous requests for."

Recording formats include PCM, MPEG-1 layer2 and MP3. Using MRX, AudioScience's Multi-Rate miXing technology, each stream can be recorded at any sample rate between 8 and 48kHz.

Each tuner can also decode and stream the HD Radio Program Associated Data (PAD) data and RDS/RBDS data for analog FM. HD Radio multi-cast is supported, allowing the audio and PAD stream to be switched between the Main Program Service (MPS) and Secondary Program Services (SPS) under software control.

The ASI8914 will be available in June 2008. For pricing and further information, contact Richard Gross in the US at +1-302-324-5333 or T.K. Pang in Asia at +65 98184303.

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