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AudioScience Introduces the New Hono AVB Virtual Sound Card Basic and announces lower pricing on the Hono AVB VSC product line

NEWCASTLE, DE (January 18, 2019) AudioScience, the audio I/O company, is pleased to announce the Hono AVB VSC Basic (Virtual Sound Card). This low-cost version does not sacrifice I/O. The Hono VSC Basic has 64x64 AVB channels, 8x8 AVB streams and works with WDM or ASIO. Using your favorite audio processing application, the VSC turns your PC into an AVB-powered workstation. Supporting the IEEE 1722.1 Discovery and Control protocol, the VSC Basic can be configured using our Hono AVB Controller or 3rd party AVB Controllers. “The VSC Basic is anything but Basic, this VSC still provides the same quality audio as the Hono AVB VSC with 64 channels in and 64 channels out at a more cost-effective price point for our customers” - Nicole Santiago, Product Sales Manager

AudioScience has been focusing on evolving our Hono AVB Software products for existing and new customers. Driven by customer input and market research, we identified the demand for the Hono AVB Software product line to be completely updated with significantly lower pricing, and this has been done across the line.

For Hono VSC Basic availability, pricing and further information, contact Nicole Santiago in the US at +1-302-324-5333, T.K. Pang in Asia at +65 98184303 or Delio Brignoli in the EU at +34 951 105 667. Alternatively, email

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