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ASI8914 and ASI8921 tuner cards, 64bit Windows Vista driver

NEWCASTLE, DE (April 8, 2008) AudioScience, a manufacturer of digital audio products for the broadcast industry, will be unveiling three new products at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this month: the ASI8914 HD Radio™ tuner card, the ASI8921 series tuner cards and a 64bit driver for Windows Vista.

The ASI8914 is the first HD Radio capable tuner card from AudioScience and is designed for use in broadcast audio monitoring. It provides four channels of AM/FM HD Radio and analog reception on a full size PCI adapter. The decoding and streaming of HD Radio PAD data as well as analog FM RDS/RBDS is supported.

The ASI8921 multi-channel tuner card takes the successful ASI8700 series cards and puts them in a half size PCI card. Power dissipation is reduced tremendously by the use of silicon radio tuners, which replace the can tuners on the ASI8700 series. The FM tuners now receive and decode RDS/RBDS data in real time.

Models being introduced are the ASI8921-1000, ASI8921-1100, ASI8921-2200 and ASI8921-2000. The -1100 contains eight channels of FM/RDS/RBDS tuners, while the -1000 contains 4. The -2200 contains eight AM/FM/RDS/RBDS tuners; the -2000 contains four.

The new 64bit Windows Vista WDM audio driver provides 64 and 32bit application support for all current AudioScience sound cards. Also supplied with the driver install are both 64 and 32bit versions of ASIControl, an application used to set up and control the sound cards.

Richard Gross, President of AudioScience says "Whether we like it or not, Windows Vista is here to stay. AudioScience is committed to providing drivers for all leading operating systems and our customers have said that a 64bit environment provides the ability to handle larger files and much more memory."

AudioScience will be demonstrating the 64bit driver running with its ASI6585 Livewire soundcard and other Livewire equipment from Axia Audio in its booth.

For pricing and further information, contact Richard Gross in the US at +1-302-324-5333 or T.K. Pang in Asia at +65 98184303.

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