Newcastle, DE (September-19, 2006) - In its 10th year of business, AudioScience has been busy creating new soundcards and software. Debuting at the Fall NAB Radio Show in Dallas, TX, will be their Audio Stream In/Out (ASIO) 2.0 driver licensed from Steinberg Media Technologies.  ASIO is a protocol for low-latency digital audio specified by Steinberg.

The ASIO driver enables multi-track recording, production and mixing of PCM digital audio on a PC platform under the Windows 2000 or XP OS.  It acts as an interface between an application and the sound card.

"The ASIO driver model essentially provides a software pipe straight to the card's audio sub-system", said Andrew Elder, Director of Software Engineering for AudioScience. "As Microsoft has added more processing layers to WDM driver interface, the ASIO interface has become increasingly popular in the production environment. AudioScience has been able to add the ASIO interface to its WDM, Wave and Combo drivers without compromising performance. Audio devices can even be shared amongst the drivers by different applications, giving users ultimate flexibility."

The ASIO driver interface is implemented as an add-on to the AudioScience Windows WAVE, WDM and Combo drivers and will work for all AudioScience 5000 and 6000 series audio adapters.  It is scheduled to be released with driver 3.02.

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AudioScience, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets digital audio peripherals for computer-based digital audio applications. AudioScience is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware with offices in Costa Mesa -California, Rochester -New York, Christchurch - New Zealand and Singapore.  It is located at 42C Reads Way, Newcastle, Delaware 19720; phone +1-302-324-5333, email salesasi<at> For more information the company’s web site is at

Richard Gross, President
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ASIO Driver Datasheet (pdf)