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ASI5316s and ASI2416s to be Deployed Globally in Pilot Training Centers

NEWCASTLE, DE (April 26, 2011) – AudioScience, Inc., a professional digital audio innovator in the installed sound industry, is pleased to announce that FlightSafety International, a leading professional aviation training company, and manufacturer of flight simulators and other advanced training devices, has approved the use of AudioScience's ASI5316 PCIe CobraNet soundcard and ASI2416 1RU CobraNet audio interface in their latest full motion flight simulators.

FlightSafety's Aural Cue/COM simulation software currently in development utilizes AudioScience products to produce CobraNet output for 12.2 multichannel sound reproduction and analog I/O for crew and instructor headsets. The software can simulate virtually all sounds perceptible by a pilot such as engine/airframe sounds, air traffic control, weather, threat warnings, and includes special effects for aircraft malfunctions, enhancing and adding realism to pilot training. FAA evaluation and certification is projected for the first quarter of 2012.

Jim Plucknett, Group Leader, Electrical Engineering at FlightSafety’s simulation design and manufacturing facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, explains the choice of AudioScience products: "AudioScience has a full-featured SDK making integration with our proprietary software straightforward. The ASI2416 has a +24dBu output capability, a high channel count per 1RU, and its firmware can be easily updated. The ASI5316 works seamlessly to handle our audio I/O." Plucknett continues: "A big part of selecting AudioScience was our need for direct access to hardware and software engineering. We appreciate the excellent support provided by Dr. Andrew Elder, Director of Software Engineering, and Sally Reich, Technical Support Specialist.”

Each new FlightSafety simulator will be equipped with two ASI2416s, each populated with two ASI1462 microphone modules and two ASI1431 analog I/O modules. The sound server will include two ASI5316s. FlightSafety has modified AudioScience's ASIControl software application to provide an aircraft-specific functional view of all audio channel activity, significantly simplifying system configuration and troubleshooting. "We were able to customize the ASIControl according to our unique requirements thanks to Dr. Elder’s support, experience and expertise," states Plucknett.

AudioScience's CobraNet products are compatible with third-party CobraNet-compliant devices. There are Windows 7, XP, Server 2008/3, Mac OSX, and Linux drivers available for AudioScience's CobraNet soundcards. SDKs are available for Windows and Linux using either standard APIs such as DirectSound or ALSA, or the proprietary AudioScience HPI and ASX interfaces.

For CobraNet pricing and further information, contact Nicole Santiago in the US at +1-302-324-5333 or T.K. Pang in Asia at +65 98184303. Alternatively, email salesasi@audioscience.com.

FlightSafety simulator                                                  FlightSafety simulator cockpit

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