Product Advisories

ASI5111/5211 Auto Clock switching issue   2015-23-14
Some ASI5111 and ASI5211 cards may exhibit an issue whereby the AES/EBU input appears to have a valid input when none is actually present. Because, by default, the card will automatically switch to the sample clock generated by the AES/EBU input, this will cause erroneous clocking and garbled audio.

We thereby recommend that you turn off the automatic clock switching feature of the ASI5111/5211. To do this run ASIControl and select the ClockSourceIn 1 node of the ASI5111/5211. Un-check the “Auto Clock Switching” checkbox. Then change the “Clock Source” to “Local”, if it is not already set to “Local”

Note: To use the AES/EBU input as a source of audio in the future, you will need to manually set the Clock Source” to “AES/EBU Sync” before attempting any recording.

ASI5111/5211 Rev F+ Adapters   2012-11-14
5111/5211 adapters starting with Rev F0 and newer REQUIRE a driver version of 4.10.15 or later.  Please download the latest version from our Windows driver page here or the Linux driver page here.