Hono™ AVB Custom / ASI2620 Interfaces

The Hono AVB Custom is an AVB audio interface in a 1U rack mount format providing up to 32 channels of AVB receive and transmit.

The units can be customized with up to four function specific modules as well as interchangeable connectors for the modules. Module connector options are terminal block, StudioHub+®, 50pin Centronics connector to XLR breakout cables, and 1/4" TRS.

The Hono AVB Custom features a powerful Texas Instruments 32bit floating point DSP that allows sophisticated switching/mixing. A graphics display on the unit's front panel shows peak meters and AVB status.

ASIControl can be used to set up all internal features of the unit, ASIControl is part of the Windows driver install.

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Hono AVB Custom/ASI2416

802.1 AVB
Hono AVB Custom/ASI2620
Documents and Downloads
Documentation Date
Hono AVB Quick Start Guide (Windows) 10-04-16
Hono AVB Quick Start Guide (Mac) 04-11-17
Hono AVB Custom datasheet Current
Hono AVB Custom Press Release 06-09-15

Downloads Version Misc Docs Date
Hono AVB Custom Firmware 2.4.3 Release notes 05-07-24
Windows drivers Current
Hono AVB Controller Datasheet
ASIControl UDP
Product Tables
Hono™ AVB Custom modules
Modules Type In Channels Out Channels Input Type Output Type
ASI1431 Analog 8 8 Balanced Balanced
ASI1432 Analog 8 0 Balanced None
ASI1433 Analog 0 8 None Balanced
ASI1441 Digital 4 stereo (8 total) 4 stereo (8 total) AES/EBU AES/EBU
ASI1442 Digital 4 stereo (8 total) 0 AES/EBU None
ASI1443 Digital 0 4 stereo (8 total) None AES/EBU
ASI1451 GPIO 16 16 Opto Relay
ASI1462 Analog 8 0 Balanced Analog Mic/Line None
ASI1464 Analog 8 0 Un-balanced Analog Mic/Line None
Ordering Information

To create the specific part number of a Hono AVB Custom/ASI2620 combination you're interested in, review the module datasheets in the table above, then use the dropdown arrows in Model Number Calculator form below to make your selections starting with Slot 1 (you can not have empty slots between modules). Be sure to select a connector for each module and then click on the Calculate Model Number button when you are done. A box will pop up with the complete part number. Use that part number to order from our Distributors and VARs or contact our sales team for additional information.

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