Livewire and Livewire+™ Products

Livewire is a protocol developed by Telos Systems, that enables the transport of real-time audio, program associated data and machine remote control over Ethernet. For more info see

AudioScience Livewire sound cards are recognized as an industry standard for legacy Livewire and are used in thousands of audio installations around the world. Use them anywhere you need reliable Livewire input and output for your Windows or Linux systems. The ASI6685 looks just like a regular AudioScience sound card to audio software applications. Using its on-board DSP, multiple streams of audio of various formats and sample rates can be played, recorded and mixed to the fixed 48kHz Livewire sample rate.

Our Iyo Dante series of products also offer switchable AES67 Livewire+™ compatibility. These units can be used with any Livewire+™ device that supports the AES67 stereo (1ms) format and are the perfect solution to your input and output needs.

Put our expertise and over 20 years experience in professional audio engineering to work for you today with our Livewire and Livewire+™ capable products.

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Legacy Livewire Sound Cards - (PCIe)
Model Sample Rate Formats Inputs / Outputs Play Streams Record Streams Features
ASI6685 Multi (MRX)
MP3,MP2,PCM 8,16,24,32 16 (mono) channels Input and Output 4 or 8 4 or 8 TSX time scaling
MRX multi rate mixing
AES67 Livewire+™ Products
Model Audio In channels Audio Out channels Input type Output Type Features
Iyo Dante 8, 16, 32 or 0 8, 16, 32 or 0 Balanced Mic/Line Balanced line AES67
* Legacy Livewire products do not work with AES67 Livewire+™ products as they use different standards of the Livewire protocol. An ASI6685 cannot be used with an Iyo Dante.
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