DISCONTINUED - ASI5812 PCI Express Linear Sound Card

The ASI5812 is a professional PCI Express audio adapter designed for use in radio broadcast FM MPX generation. The adapter offer two stereo record streams from either a balanced analog input or AES/EBU digital input and four stereo play streams mixed to a balanced analog output and two AES/EBU digital outputs. The second AES/EBU output includes a Sample Rate Converter (SRC) and independent sample rate clock.

The adapter also includes GPIO in the form of four opto-isolated inputs and two relay isolated outputs.

This product was discontinued May 2023

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Available operating modes

ASI5812 4 Play mode
ASI5812 4 Play mode
ASI5812 1 Play mode
ASI5812 1 Play mode
ASI5812 Low latency mode
ASI5812 Low latency mode

Documentation Downloads
ASI5812 Datasheet Windows Drivers
Cable options Linux HPI and ALSA Drivers
ASI5812 for MPX Press release
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