Production Sound Cards

The AudioScience series of production sound cards are compatible with PCI Express systems. Several input and output configurations are available. All cards are supported by our low latency ASIO driver in Windows and the ALSA Linux driver.

AudioScience production sound cards are recognized as an industry standard and are used in thousands of radio, studio and installed audio locations around the world. Use them anywhere you need high quality input and output for your Windows or Linux systems.

Put our expertise and over 20 years experience in audio engineering to work for you today with our professional production sound cards

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Low Profile Production Sound Cards - PCI Express (PCIe)
Model Sample Rate Formats Analog Inputs* Analog Outputs* AES/EBU Inputs AES/EBU Outputs Play Streams Record Streams Features
ASI5810 11-192kHz PCM 8,16,32 1 1 1 1 4 2 GPIO
ASI5811 11-192kHz PCM 8,16,32 1 1 1 1 4 2 Microphone Preamp
Parametric Equalizer
* All inputs and outputs are stereo
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