ASI6585 PCI and ASI6685 PCI Express Livewire™ Sound Cards

The ASI6585 and ASI6685 are professional PCI and PCIe sound cards designed for use in Axia Livewire™ IP-audio based radio broadcast automation systems They use the Axia Livewire protocol to record and play audio streams over a standard Ethernet network.

Providing up to 16 play streams that are mixed to 8 stereo outputs and up to 16 record streams fed from 8 stereo inputs, the ASI6585/ASI6685 features AudioScience's unique "anything to anywhere" mixing and routing.

A choice of uncompressed PCM, MPEG layer 2, and MP3 is available for both recording and playback. All compression is handled by an on-board floating point DSP, allowing the host computer to focus on other tasks.

DSP based functionality includes MRX™ multi-rate mixing technology that allows streams of different sample-rates and formats to be mixed digitally. TSX™ time scaling allows compression/expansion of any or all playback streams in real time with no change in pitch.

For surround sound applications, SSX2 mode allows multichannel streams of up to 8 channels to be played, recorded and mixed.

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Available operating modes

ASI6585/ASI6685 4-Play mode
ASI6585 4-Play mode
ASI6585/ASI6685 8-Play mode
ASI6585 8-Play mode
ASI6585/ASI6685 12-Play mode
ASI6585 12-Play mode
ASI6585/ASI6685 16-Play mode
ASI6585 16-Play mode
ASI6585/ASI6685 Mono mode
ASI6585 Mono mode
ASI6585/ASI6685 Low latency mode
ASI6585 Low latency mode

Livewire routing diagram
Livewire Routing

Documentation Downloads
ASI6585/ASI6685 Datasheet Windows Drivers
ASI6585/ASI6685 Axia Node quick start guide Linux HPI and ALSA Drivers
See "Livewire Firmware Updates" section of datasheet Firmware v2.7.1d_r2
Previous versions of Livewire firmware -> Older firmware
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